Oh my god…. this is making me speechless……

A good example that it’s not just about eating. There are so many other factors that contribute to weight and lifestyle. Address those factors in addition to improving nutrition and exercise and you will have more sustainable weight loss.

This makes me soo sad! :’(

Oh my god, you must watch this…

I CAN NOT wait to be a mom and teach my children everything I’ve learned about proper nutrients and being healthy and cooking them healthy yummy meals and all of that.. this is so sad.. I got shivers at the end.

This was so powerful though holy shit. All I can think about is my brother..this is the path he’s going down and there is nothing I can do:(

Shivers though. The whole time I watched it.

Exactly what my sister does to all of her kids…when she actually decides to feed them. It makes me fucking cringe. I could kill her for it.

I work in a bakery (I NEED MONEY, OKAY D:) and the amount of fucking rage I feel when I see obese parents buying their already overweight children a load of shitty food is just unreal. I’ve almost cried over it before. It just makes me sick.

My mother has always taught me to eat a balanced diet and placed a lot of emphasis on the importance of eating fresh, organic produce. I owe her a lot, I’m very lucky.

So powerful. Stop the cycle.

ASDFGHJKL this was the video I have been looking for, for days!!!!

I’ve seen about four or five sleeve gastrectomy’s in the past two weeks. (Mind you, one four hour shift each week) Also, a friend of mine stood in an amputation due to diabetes last week. Doing my rotation in the OR has definitely made me a little bit more health conscious. I guess its about looking in the inside of a person and seeing all of the damage that has been done. 

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